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Vintage Amusements : Sunday 18th November 2018

Our usual selection of Vintage Fairground Memorabilia, Carvings, Painted Artwork etc. Vintage Amusement Machines, Allwins, Bryans, One Arm Bandits, Viewers, Fortune Tellers etc. Circus Memorabilia, Posters, Props, Costumes etc. Vintage Shop Fittings, Advertising Art, Americana and other Intersting Collectables.

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Trade Stimulator
no keys



Mills Vest Pocket Bandit
chrome finish



Mills Vest Pocket Bandit
painted finish



Rare Miami Trade Stimulator
unusual poker themed trade simulator with 3 spinning wheels of playing cards and gumball dispenser. Working on small coins such as 1p, 1c, 6d



Reel 21 Trade Stimulator
nice restored condition, working with keys



Chicago Club House Trade Stimulator
in lovely condition, working on US 5c, with original cast back door, with keys



Small Grip Test Machine
working on 2p play with original key



Cast Iron Grip Tester



Grunig Novelty Co. Test Quest Gripper
with question & answer feature, lovely condition working on US 1c coins, with keys



Rare Atom Shooting Game
countertop machine working on US 1c with fascinating mechanism comprising rotating knock-down targets. The only example we know of - possibly a prototype or perhaps a re-cased earlier machine?



Buckley Target Practice Trade Stimulator



Adams Tab Gum Vending Machine
on US 1c vend



Black Cat Dip Vending Machine



Rock-Ola Sweepstakes Horse Race Trade Stimulator
c.1933, hard to find machine in this nice original unrestored condition, working on US 1c, UK 1p, or similar sized coins. Glass has been replaced with Perspex sheet, so would benefit from new glass being fitted. With key



1937 Bally Sum Fun
very unusual machine with coin symbols on the reel strips, made by the famous Bally pinball company. Complete and working on US cent or UK sixpence, last coin played shown on side window. Back door is a replacement, but fits well, with new lock with two keys.



Exhibit Supply Co. Photoscope Counter-top Viewer
1920s peep show machine, reel has a mix of glamor and nudes. Complete and working on US cent or UK sixpence. Has wind up key, with original cash box and lock (no key). Missing front frosted glass.



Groetchen Champion Trade Stimulator
1940, fruit symbols with working token payout on the side. Complete and working on US nickel, 5 cents. Has special award coins on front when jackpot hit. Original back door has last coin played window and coin dump knob. 8 tokens included.



Wurlitzer Jukebox Wall Box model 3031
Complete and in excellent original condition, with coin mechanism, original cash box, original lock and key.



Daval Marvel Trade Stimulator
c.1940, has working token dispenser and includes 12 original tokens. Upon a winning combination a token is displayed in side window. A button at the back 'dumps off' token after reward is paid. Works on US nickel, 5 cents. Includes new reproduction reel stripes. Original back door, replacement lock with keys.



Very Early Beaton & Caldwell Diamond Book Match Vending Machine
complete and working on US one cent



Scarce WW2 American Bennett Dough Boy Trade Stimulator
works on most coins. Very good original reel strips with soldiers on first reel. Original back door, newer lock and key, replacement award card, no gum vendor



Electric Dice Machine With Gum Vendor
looks complete except for cash box, top glass and back door lock. Dice spin mechanically, on UK 1d penny, electric lights need attention.



1938 American Gottlieb Daily Races Electric Horse Race Dice Machine
complete machine with correct dice, gum vendor, cash box, lock and key. Dice spin mechanically, on US 5c nickel, electric lights need attention.



1930's American Little Whirlwind Trade Stimulator
good original example, working on US 1cent, includes new graphics for top marquee. Original lock, no key, but unlocked.



1934 American Pace Boop-a-Doop TradeSstimulator.
excellent unmolested original, working on UK 1d penny. Replacement lock and balls, includes new graphics for playfield and top marquee.



Scare 1936 Buckley Bones Dice Machine
An excellent original and complete example of this highly sought after machine. Working on US 1cent or UK sixpence. Wooden cabinet has original manufactures plate and is in good condition, but needs re-gluing at joints. No cracks in castings. Back door is original with replacement lock and key, cash box is a correct reproduction. Rare opportunity!



Cast Iron Columbus Gumball Vending Machine
on US 1c coin, in lovely condition with original glass globe and barrel locks



American Ford Gumball Machine
with top marquee and wall bracket. Working on US cent or UK sixpence. Key not required as unscrews from underneath.



Original Ford Gumball Vendor
working on US 1c or 6d vend, in good condition with no crack or chips to globe



Beaver Gumball Vendor
working on 20p vend in good condition with key