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Special Vintage Amusements Auction : Sunday 27th November 2016

Marking our 25 years selling Vintage Amusements - and fittingly the biggest auction of the year! - an amazing selection of rare items have been consigned, including machines you are not likely to see again for many many years. Don't miss it!

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Streets Penny Bowl
working on 2p coins, but easy to convert to other coins, with keys



Cromptons Pussy Shooter
working, no keys



Midway Trophy Gun Shooting Gallery
with moving targets



Cromptons Dippy Duck Shooter
working, no keys



Bill Haley Concert Poster
nice quality reproduction



James Dean East of Eden Poster
nice quality reproduction



Golf Theme One Arm Bandit
on matching stand, lights up, restored to superb condition on 2p play with keys



2 x Carter's Steam Fair Posters



Pace Comet One Arm Bandit in Console Cabinet
on U.S. 25c play, with rotary escalator and twin jackpots, in lovely condition with key



Streets Snap Machine
in working order on old penny play, with keys



Large Fibreglass Strawberry
relief moulding (I.E. will mount flat on wall)



Large Fibreglass Strawberry
relief moulding (I.E. will mount flat on wall)



Very Rare Griptease Machine
great 1930s Art Deco looking machine, made by Stevenson & Lovett. A cross between a grip test and a viewer... the more you grip, the more she strips! Currently adapted for free play, but not difficult to return to coin operation



Madame Zandra Fortune Teller
large floor standing machine built in a Bryans Postcard Vendor cabinet. In working order currently on 50p play (easily changed), extremely heavy duty mechanism, dispenses the thick "arglye type" fortune cards which are readily available (qty included), with keys



Bug Illumination ex-Walsall Illuminations
nicely hand painted bug with surrounding lamp holders



Bug Illumination ex-Walsall Illuminations
nicely hand painted bug with surrounding lamp holders



4 x Carter's Steam Fair Posters



Large Screwball Machine
impressive large Art Deco style machine with Bikini-clad girls on the back flash and cast into the front of the machine. The only one of these we've ever seen, having sold it to the current owner around 20 years ago. Complete and working, needs a little service and cosmetic tidying as unused for many years



Large Mills Electric Shock Machine
very early and impressive floor standing machine, modernised in the 1930s by the swapping of the original ornate etched mirrors for lithographed artwork and painting of the cabinet. Appears to be complete, previously worked on a 4.5v battery



T.G.I. Friday's Illuminated Sign
deep metal letters with red perspex fronts



Large Art Deco Marconi Advertising Piece



Minstrel Band Working Model
the sign on the drumkit reads "See & Hear The Pleasure Beach Minstrels". It is not known which of the several Pleasure Beaches this originates in - maybe Blackpool or Great Yarmouth? Working on 20p play, with a modern digital sound box installed, with key



Massive Original Magician Poster
original lithograph poster for The Great Levante, (Les Levante 1892-1978) an Australian illusionist of some repute. Superb condition, originally in 3 sheets, this has been expensively professionally linen backed so now very eay to safely hang. Fabulous museum quality poster

At 17 Levante went to Melbourne and worked as a billiard-marker and barman at the Vine Hotel where he met the showman Tom Selwyn. He became Tom's protégé, who gave him the stage-name 'Levant'. The last "e" added later.
During World War I he worked in propaganda and recruiting. By twenty, he had already produced his first full evening show and started touring the world. He purchased The Great Leon's show.
In 1935 the Institute of Magicians of London, named Levante's trunk trick the 'Mystery of Mysteries' and the Inner Magic Circle awarded him its gold star. In 1939 the International Brotherhood of Magicians invited him to the United States where he was elected the world's number one magician.
Levante headed up the biggest vaudeville show to ever travel Australia. It boasted a big cast and a ballet under an enormous tent theater designed to seat up to 2000 patrons.
He was known for his version of Metamorphosis using a steel trunk that could be inspected and his Wrestling Cheese. He also invented the illusion Impaling, which used a method much different then today's modern version.
Levante retired in 1977



Transformer 240v to 110v
would suit the Prospector machine



Exhibit Supply Co. Novelty Merchantman Crane



Exhibit Supply Co. Novelty Merchantman Crane
very nice original example, working on old penny play, with original locks and keys



2 x Carter's Steam Fair Posters



RAC Illuminated Sign
double sided glass signs in steel lightbox



Snow White Animated Gift Vending Machine
similar to the elephant gift vendors, but in this one 6 carved wooden dwarves put a truck through the treasure caves and come out the other side with a gift box. Presumably having 6 instead of 7 dwarves was an attempt to avoid legal action from Disney! Working order, though not used for many years so would benefit from a good clean and service



Bally Miss America Deluxe Bingo Machine
1977, was in use in a cafe until a year or so ago, dried stored since. Seems to be working, but would benefit from a good clean and service, some new bulbs etc.