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Vintage Amusements : Sunday 4th March 2012

Our usual selection of Vintage Fairground Memorabilia, Carvings, Painted Artwork etc. Vintage Amusement Machines, Allwins, Bryans, One Arm Bandits, Viewers, Fortune Tellers etc. Circus Memorabilia, Posters, Props, Costumes etc. Vintage Shop Fittings, Advertising Art, Americana and other Intersting Collectables.

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Fairground Organ in Trailer
Full working order with an extensive library of music including many Christmas tunes, working on a digital player sytem than can play for long periods of time unattended. Presented in a display trailer with lift-up side supported by twisted-brass stays and a locking personel door in the opposite side. Easily towed behind normal car.



Hand-Cranked Busker Organ
`Chippy` is a 26 note hand-cranked street busker organ. It has 65 pipes comprising: 5 Bass pipes, 8 Accompaniment pipes, and 52 Melody pipes in 4 ranks: 1st rank Open Flute, 2nd rank Open Flute, 3rd rank Stopped Flute, 4th rank Octave Open. The 1st rank of open flutes is tuned sharp so as to give the desirable `warble` effect characteristic of street organs.
There are 7 rolls of music included: 1 Dervogelhandler, 2 Dambusters / RAF March Past, 3 The Savoy American Melody, 4 Abba Favourites, 5 Gershwin Favourites, 6 compilation of Daisy Bell / Forever Blowing Bubbles / Oom-Pah-Pah / Music Music Music / Shortnin Bread Boogi, 7 Straus Family Polkas.
Also includes a tuning roll and electronic chromatic tuner and construction details so repair and tuning can be carried out by the owner.
Complete with a mobile hand card and all ready to go, measuring approx 46 inches high, 28 inches wide and 21 inches deep.



Fairground Boxing Booth Canvas Banner
depicting the boxer Jack Johnson `World Heavyweight Champion`. Approx 75 inches tall x 24 inches wide



Life Size Ice Cream Man
salvaged from a South Coast amusement park a decade ago. Originally produced as a promotional item with the launch of Walls Cornetto Ice Cream - he is based on the Venetian Policeman in the TV and Cinema adverts who would sing `Just One Cornetto` to the famous opera song `O Sole Mio`.
Originally this was constructed as an elaborate bin with a vacuum device inside that would suck in the Cornetto wrapper through a hole in his hand to fill a bin in the base. He would then sing `Just One Cornetto` as a thank-you for keeping the amusement park clean and tidy. A unique piece of advertising memorabilia - no other known example exists.



Hortons Ice Cream Advertising Sign



Large Chinese State Circus Poster



Fairground Art Panel and Pair of Pillars
carved wooden pillars with gold leaf chamfers and a curved wooden panel all in ornate old fairground paint



Bobby Roberts Super Circus Poster



Queen Victoria Bust



Vintage Fairing
of a golfer boy



Showman`s Van Mirror
in peach and silver reverse-cut and bevelled glass in the Art Deco style and in excellent condition.



Model Fairground Roundabout
with musical box action



Model Fairground Roundabout



Push Along Bear
with original plush fur



Childs Bunny Dodgem Car Shell



Rare Unprinted Gerry Cottles Circus Poster



The Russian Circus Poster



Giant Fibreglass Teddy Bear
in gold glitter finish. Teddy`s arms and legs are adjustable for pose and removable for storage and transport.



Tin Horse



Illuminated Silk Cut Advertising Sign



Rare Egyptian and English Enamel Sign



Tin Horse



Qty Vintage Mickey Mouse & Disney Annuals 1950`s - 70`s



Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck Telephones
telephone intercom set in original box



Wooden Bagatelle in Original Box
complete and never assembled or used



Pinder Cirque Moscow Poster



Fossett`s Circus Poster



Chinese State Circus Poster



Rare Rocco Mini Circus Poster



Round Brass Clock