Lot 49 : Taxidermy Freak : Rolo the World's Longest Rabbit
We sold this lot for £170 in April 2013

the vendor, a collector of Fairground Artefacts, bought Rolo many years ago from a relative of a showland family. Legend has it that Rolo originally performed as some sort of live 'Rabbit Roulette' in a circular hoopla type stall where the punters would bet on what segment of a large circular table Rolo would go to for his next piece of carrot when released from a central revolving cage!
The showman known as 'Taffy Smith' had lost all his teeth from eating toffee every day since he was a child, and when the Rolo toffees first came out in 1937, the long thin tube of what rapidly become his favourite toffees (as they were nice and soft for his toothless mouth!) reminded him so much of his beloved Rabbit (who's original name is unknown), that Taffy renamed the Rabbit 'Rolo'.
When he died, the Rabbit Roulette ceased, but Taffy exhibited the stuffed Rolo in a little booth as the 'World's Longest Rabbit' for a while just before the War.
Case measures 28 x 12 x 8 inches - Rolo is one loooooong Rabbit!