Lot 115 : Superb Rare 1930's Brooklands Racer Speedway Car with Petrol Engine
We sold this lot for £6,000 in October 2019

much rarer than a dodgem car, this was built by the Lang Wheels company. Featuring fabulous curvaceous all steel bodywork, fitted with a modern Honda petrol engine and a new set of tyres, and presented for sale in good running order.
The speedway racer rides were seen on the fairground in the 1920's / early 1930s before the introduction of the Dodgem cars. Speedway tracks were considerably larger than later dodgem tracks, of oval form with a central island to race around. Early tracks featured petrol driven cars, with later ones being electrified by the use of alternate metal strips on the floors (rather than an overhead pickup pole as per Dodgem cars).
Very few examples survive, and they come to the open market once in a blue moon! Don't miss this opportunity; you may never get another chance.