Lot 169 : The Amazing Chang : Chinese Conjurer Painted Banner
We sold this lot for £280 in August 2017

The Amazing Chang was born Samuel Lewis Whittington-Wickes on Avenue Road here in Leamington Spa on Boxing Day 1893.
He ran away from home at the age of 12, returning years later as a successful magician. During his career he took a variety of stage names including Seekhett The Boy Magician, Vern Lewis The Boy Magician, Vernon Cellsus The White Wizard, and finally in 1934 in Chinese costume as Chang Ko Lao, The Amazing Chang.
From 1934 until 1945 he entertained up to 15,000 people per show at the Jephson Gardens Pavilion in Leamington Spa. He was known for his "Chinese Fantasy" based on the story of The Willow Pattern Plate performing tricks such as producing doves from a seemingly empty chest of draws. He also provided popular children's entertainment using handmade marionettes.
Chang performed from New York to Paris and toured the UK with his performances. He was famous for his floating lady illusion, escaping from a sealed coffin, and the bullet catch.
He retired from the stage in 1956 and remained in Warwickshire until his death on 6th October 1970
Chang's son is the Golden Globe nominated film director and screen writer David Wickes.
Size approx: 21 inches (53.3 cm) Wide  by 30 inches (76.2 cm) High