Lot 144 : Dalek Homage
We sold this lot for £5,050 in May 2016

this superb and faithful re-creation is built around an electric mobility chair, being easy to drive in any direction via joystick control, will 'turn on a sixpence', and has around 3 miles range on a full charge over any reasonably smooth surface, such as roads or pavements. The body splits in two to allow the operator to climb inside, or to use without the top half as a "Davros" style character. Features include, blue eye-light, flashing ear-lights, rotating top, eye-stalk movement, loudspeaker system with preset buttons for well known quotes and weapon sounds, weapon arm works with a choice of CO2 or Water jet. Comes with advertising signs and a K-9 model, and battery charger that easily plugs in to the back. Fantastic opportunity for photo-ops, fundraising, events etc.
Size approx: 46 inches (116.8 cm) Wide  by 80 inches (203.2 cm) High  by 60 inches (152.4 cm) Deep