Late June Update...

Junk Clearout Auction: Please note the date for this is NOT fixed - it is NOT happening on 1st July! We've moved the date to a temporary date of 31st December - this is merely to keep the catalogue visible on the website, as they automatically disappear if the auction date has expired.

Thanks! Thanks to everyone for your continued support and well-wishes for auctioneer Gloria's recovery from major cancer surgery early this year. Crossed the half-way mark now in the chemotherapy course, and all looking good. It's a long, stressful, extremely unpleasant process, as most of you will know from personal / family experience no doubt.

Items Coming in for Auction: Some nice bits and bobs are trickling in for our future auctions - we're pretty tied up for space at the moment for larger deliveries, but if you're going to be passing this way and have the odd machine or whatever to drop off then do get in touch first (as never too sure when we'll be around at the moment) and we'll squeeze it in somewhere!

New website: Getting through the last stages of our brand-new online auction platform - all the back-office management side of things, like uploading and editing facilities, account management and so on - all very dull! - hence there hasn't really been anything to show people recently despite all that work!
Final testing of the new system should take place over next few weeks - delayed slightly due to taking advantage of the unusually nice weather to try and finish off work to the Elephant House that requires the scaffolding, so that can all come down soon hopefully. No doubt the weather will soon turn back to grey and miserable!!
If you haven't yet checked out how the new website will look and work, see the Online Auction Page here which has more information and a couple of brief videos showing the system in operation.

GDPR: You've no-doubt been bombarded with emails regarding the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When we re-launch in the next few weeks, all clients old and new will need to set up simple user accounts to ensure we have your correct current contact details and consent etc. in order to use our services. In line with that, we'll be producing new Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy etc. - obviously until the new website is polished off we cannot finalise the wording of those.
Currently anyone on our mailing list has (as far as we are aware) either signed up via the website mailing list page, or ticked the box at the bottom of an auction registration form, or asked to be on our mailing list during the course of business or enquiry. We've never bought in any email addresses. We have always maintained our email newsletter list "by hand", have thousands of archived requests to join (I.E. opt-in consent), and of course honour any request for removal from same.

Deliveries: In-between everything else we're trying to get those last straggling deliveries sorted. There's a trip to do along the central South Coast and a trip up the North East side, and that's pretty much it. Now, there could well be one or two other things that have been carefully stored away for safety whilst building work has been going on, so if you think we've forgotten you then do get in touch... whatever it is will be here somewhere safely cocooned in bubble wrap!

Payments in / out: With everything that's been going on since the new year, there's a few lingering invoices we've been slow in chasing up, so if you've been meaning to come over and collect that odd thing you bought but unsure when we'll be around, or didn't want to hassle us in the current circumstances, do get in touch so we can clear things up. Similarly, there's a few envelopes in the tin for monies from the last auction or two that people haven't collected - again arrange a time to pop in and collect or of course we can do a bank transfer. Either way, we're not always at the Elephant House armed with paperwork at the moment, so don't risk a journey without arranging a time first!

More news very soon... watch this space!

POSTPONED : Elephant House £1 Clearout - NO RESERVES

We'll probably start off the online auctions with this stuff to test it out... if there's a hiccup with a £1 item, hopefully no-one will get too upset!

We'll be clearing the Elephant House of all the stuff that's accumulated over the past 12 months or so - including unsold items that are lingering around, items that have never been collected by buyers / sellers, or just random stuff that came in with other consignments, but didn't really fit into the normal 'theme' of our auctions. Everything goes under the hammer at NO RESERVE - and everything starts at £1!

We've found 148 lots so far, but there's still quite a bit to sort out - so check back soon for updates. To see what's listed so far, have a look here

NOTE: if you spot something of yours listed that you'd rather have back, then get in touch ASAP and come fetch it - otherwise it gets SOLD! - we need the space.

Results of Sunday 26th November : Vintage Amusements

To finish the year off - the UK's biggest auction of Vintage Slot Machines. We also sold lots of Enamel Signs, Fairground Art, and all sorts of other goodies.
Full prices achieved now available on the Results page, with six items making it into our top 100