Coronavirus & Future Auctions

During these challenging times we have taken the responsible decision to suspend our auction diary. It is simply too dangerous to risk gathering people together in the confines of an auction room at the present time - particularly as collectors of amusement machines, fairground art etc., tend to lean towards an older demographic, which is more at risk from the Coronavirus. You and your family's health (and ours!) is far more important than waiting a few weeks to buy/sell something.

Future Auction Plans

We are hard at work finishing off our online auctions system, which will likely launch with the Single Owner Collection we have been instructed to sell (see below). Buying and Selling via our online auction system obviously negates the need for our clients to all congregate in one place at the same time, and therefore reduces the current health risks of Coronavirus.

Single Owner Collection - WITHOUT RESERVE

A long-standing client of ours is retiring and downsizing. We will be offering a varied collection of items that he has decided not to take to his new home. The collection includes many Slot Machines, Fairground Art, Enamel Signs, various other collectable items, etc. Some of these goodies are items we originally sold to him, coming around again! Everything will be offered for sale without reserve.

A Few Items Confirmed So Far:

Bryan's Retreeva
Bryan's Hidden Treasure
Brookland's Racer
Domino Wall Machine
Roll Out The Barrel Wall Machine
Airship Catcher Wall Machine
Conveyor Wall Machine
Saxony Grip Tester
Various Allwins
Various One Arm Bandits
Various Mutoscope Reels
+ Various Pieces of Fairground Art - Painted Panels, Galloper Horse etc.
+ Various Enamel Signs, Advertising Items etc.
+ Various Interesting Bygones, Vintage Toys, etc.

Date to be confirmed - postponed due to Coronavirus