Sunday 27th November : Special 25th Anniversary Vintage Amusements Auction

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, and as a big thanks to all our customers old and new, we are running this auction with NO SELLERS COMMISSION! - so if your slot machine sells for £500, you get £500 in your hand.

We're going back to our roots where we started quarter of a Century ago, so this auction is restricted to Vintage Slot Machines, Vintage Fairground Items, and Vintage Enamel Advertising Signs only. The reason for this is we want to give everyone the chance to take advantage of this great offer to sell their items COMMISSION FREE, so we don't want to fill the available space & lot numbers up with the other interesting vintage items, slot machine spare parts and so on we usually offer alongside the bigger items. We might allow the odd exception - at our discretion - but will only be for higher value good quality related items; for example there is a lovely Bronze Cash Register, a good Polyphon Disc Music Box, and a Vintage Shop Display Automaton all on their way.

There are already some very rare large arcade pieces consigned for this auction, so it is sure to be one not to miss!

Special entry forms for this auction will be available later tonight - busy day now with some electrical work before the light goes!

Results of Sunday October 23rd : Vintage Amusements

Another brilliant day at the Elephant House, lots of new customers snapping up the wonderful selection of goodies on offer... We've sent out all the invoices to absentee bidders now, so if you made a bid then check your emails... if you were unsuccessful this time, please contact us with details to refund your deposit.

Full results are now available on the Results page

Results of Sunday 9th October : The Auction of Horrors VIII

Wow! - another great auction with vast majority of items finding new homes in the UK and overseas.

Full results are now available on the Results page

IT issues update:

Monday: Thanks for everyone's patience during a nightmare few weeks of IT problems caused by DOS attacks on the website, and then compounded by Microsoft screwing our computers up by hijacking them with updates we didn't ask for or want, which resulted in a lot of damage to other software not working correctly, causing us to spend most of the past couple of weeks sat on the phone screaming at incompetent idiots who are supposed to be "Service Providers" in order to try and get things put right again. Microsoft currently offering us $300 for the damage they've done - which is rather pathetic all things considered.

We think we're now just about over the worst of it and trying to get back to normal. We know a large number of emails both send by us and to us have vanished into the mysterious internet somewhere, probably never to surface again. That causes lots of stress to us and our customers, of course, when they think they're being ignored! - obviously that isn't the case, please try again - we'll get there!

We've got 2 more auctions before the winter break, when we'll be making significant changes to things going forward into 2017, to hopefully put these issues behind us for good. The website is now so big (36,000 files, gigabytes of data) that moving it isn't a simple job, plus some of if could do with re-coding now that it has grown so large in order to speed things up etc.

Results of Sunday September 25th : Vintage Amusements

Another busy auction, with great items selling worldwide. All invoices have been sent out to absentee buyers - so check your inboxes for news!

Full results are now available on the Results page

Results of Sunday August 21st : Vintage Amusements

A great auction again, showing once more that quality items attract strong buyers. Once again a large proportion sold to absentee buyers, though we haven't worked out the exact percentages yet. Busy day today, but all invoices have been sent out to absentee buyers - so check your inboxes for news!

Full results are now available on the Results page

Results of Sunday July 24th : Combined Auction - Vintage Amusements + Jukeboxes, Americana & Rock-n-Roll Retro

Another busy auction, interesting not only for the eclectic mix of items sold, but the shift in the way we are selling.
The sheer volume of absentee bids this time was very noticeable, over 200 bids received, with a third of the lots receiving at least one absentee bid, resulting in 30 buyers snapping up a quarter of all items sold without even coming to the Elephant House!
Perhaps the most interesting statistic is that an astonishing 61% of the monetary value of the auction went to absentee bidders.
Whether this was all just a reflection of the time of year, with children off school, holidays etc., or whether it marks a tipping-point in the way people buy from us, remains to be seen in future auctions.

Full results are now available on the Results page